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Showcasing fresh new talent

Creativity resides in everyone! Yet, few of us ever recognise our individual and unique talent. In a world, where we are encouraged to all go in the same direction, it’s no surprise that few decide to row against the tide?
Perhaps you’ve never been encouraged to tap into your natural talent, or maybe you believe that what you do is not good enough to make the grade. But who's judging? You? Someone else?
Like algorithms, humans can be wrong! Someone else’s opinion or preference is just that – an opinion or preference!
There is creativity inside of you and unless you are prepared to unlock it, and explore your full potential, it could remain dormant.
If you’ve been searching for a platform that allows you to take the first steps in your creative journey, welcome to RAW.
You are very welcome and so is your newly created work! On this platform, we want to showcase and promote ‘new’ work especially in its ‘unedited’ form.
So what are you waiting for? Head over to the *submissions page and upload your work today.