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A 'Window of Opportunity'

Yesterday morning the sun was shining and instead of waiting until later on, I decided to head out first thing.

It was a glorious day!

As I walked, I tried to focus on all the wonderful sights and sounds: bird songs, trees, blue sky.

Often my mind would wander and negative thoughts would come and go. I noticed that the negative thoughts had the ability to distract from all that still 'is' -transporting me to a place of what was, might, or could be! A place of uncertainty instead of peace.

My peace was found in 'the now'. Worrying about all that was not happening robbed me of that peace and it reminded me to try and stay 'present'.

Arriving home, my husband was disappointed that he had not accompanied me on my early morning stroll. By now the sun had faded and the glorious blue sky was barely visible through the sea of clouds.

Sometimes, there's a 'window of opportunity' that if we delay we could miss.

Some opportunities are time-sensitive.

I was glad that I'd made my decision not to delay my walk...happy that I'd not missed the sun.

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