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Have You Been Called to Build an Ark?

Build it just as you have been instructed.

Even if you've not read the biblical account of *Noah's Ark, there are plenty of stories about individuals who have been asked to build rafts as part of an Away Day Team Building exercise.

I imagine that even the most resourceful among us would find the building of any kind of floatation device quite challenging-even if presented with the right building materials!

Those that manage to construct a craft would still wonder if the vessel would sink or float.

And yet, 'Ark Building' is what my creative writing journey feels like at the moment. Anything that resembles 'walking on water' would seem impossible if I was being called to do so on my own.

However, my faith teaches me that I have not been called to do impossible things by myself. My faith also teaches that, 'if I'm called, I will also be equipped.'

That said, I've learnt that boat building is only part of the call.

Once built, you still need to set sail, navigate, and remain on course. This is not easy, especially when you cannot always see the way ahead or dry land.

On this journey, I being asked to trust, obey, and follow my heavenly guide each and every day.

Bon voyage!

(*Genesis Chapter 7)

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