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Updated: Feb 23

"I guess in the end it comes down to, are we going to allow ourselves permission to become all that we were created to be?"

Here's a poem that I penned some time ago and decided to revisit today. it's entitled 'Metamorphosis'

In the beginning when God created the world,

He made us (for his purposes) perfect, peculiar, and unique.

But, instead of just accepting this,

we waste years seeking approval or receiving 'critique'.

Why care what our adversary thinks?

Or be influenced by a biased judge?

Those that care, show love towards,

They don't point the finger, hate, or begrudge.

This opposition should not offend us,

It should not alter our course,

Yet, you and I have been derailed, much to our remorse.

Instead of showing a true expression

We've diminished and tried to fit

Suffering long, internally... wounded quite a bit!


as the days move quickly past

-Let no more dark shadows be cast.

This travesty no longer prolong...

Disapproving voices can be wrong!


Please feel free to add and share your comments. Have you ever been affected by negative talk, including your own?

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