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Roots, Shoots, Fruits

We can learn a lot from nature and the life cycle of plants. Today, I discovered that it can take an avocado tree 4-5 years to produce fruit! Who knew?

I will definitely give this humble fruit a bit more respect when I next place it in my shopping basket.

I knew that Chinese bamboo trees had a similar story. They also need lots of ‘TLC’ throughout this period. However, after that, they can reach incredible heights within weeks! Often, with plants, much of what is happening takes place below ground: the establishment of strong, healthy roots to help facilitate and sustain successful growth later on.

Five years may seem like a heck of a long time to wait. And, you'd understand if someone decided to try and speed the whole process up.

In our own lives, it’s worth remembering roots, shoots, then fruits whenever we feel progress is slow and taking much longer than we had hoped.

Taking the time to ensure we do all that we can to be properly equipped by establishing strong roots and foundations is never wasted time.

Doing this does not guarantee success, however, we can and do grow during this phase.

Today, I was reminded again to 'wait' patiently and of this verse from the Bible:

‘Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.’ (Habakkuk 2:3).

Right, who's off to the supermarket to buy an avocado?

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