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Sometimes Love Looks Like...


The pandemic has resulted in dark days for a great many. Yet in spite of this, I have been struck by the selfless acts of a great many. They are true heroes who have made and continue to make a difference in the lives of so many. However, for many this has not been without cost to their mental health and wellbeing. I wanted to try and make a difference by raising funds in support of charities providing Talking Therapies as I feel that this will be a service that will be in even greater demand as we continue to navigate through. There are two parts to my efforts, the first is to try and raise money to support organisations providing talking therapies. The second part is (for us as individuals) to say a personal thank you to those people we know who are currently making a difference in a variety of ways. If you know someone like this, I would like you to send them a copy of 'The sometimes hope looks like...YOU' Ecard I have produced. You can download a copy (here)

E Hope Card
Download PDF • 44KB

and send it to someone that you wish to say thank you to. If you would like a make a contribution, please do so via the just giving page:

Dear Heavenly Father God, I thank you that hope looks like YOU to me. Thank you for the difference you have made and continue to make in my life. I pray that through my human efforts I may be able to signpost others to you. Amen

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