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Who or What Inspires You?

I really need to remind myself (more) just how much benefit I get from escaping the walls of my house and spending time outdoors. Close to my home, there is so much to explore, enjoy and be inspired by.

The other day, I spied this magnificent tree trunk!

Surveying the warped and intricate twists of the bark, the tree became 'sculpture like' in appearance. So much so that I found myself looking at the tree from various angles. Each time conjuring up a different image.

I was so fascinated, I took a photograph knowing I would use it to pen something later.

It was hard not to inspired by the trees ornateness.

Somehow the curved and twisted wood, which could be viewed as flawed, is the thing which I found most appealing and first grabbed my attention.

It made me think about people that I find the most interesting. Usually, it's those with stories to tell. Those not trying to hide behind a mask, but daring to be their authentic selves...warts and all!

Ordinary folk...brave, courageous souls who are not tying to hide their 'messiness' but who use their 'lived experiences' to share messages of hope and encouragement.

Their stories move me, challenge me, sometimes change me, and, just like the tree, inspire me!

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